It's Sushi Time

All our sushi is made fresh each morning ready to go on our delivery run or made into one of our fantastic platters. Each of our sushi pieces are made with only the finest ingredients. Yum!

Teriyaki Chicken

The go-to sushi. Avocado and red pepper accompanies our tasty teriyaki chicken with a spread of mayo.

Fresh Salmon

New Zealand’s finest King Salmon from the Marlborough Sounds is rolled up with avocado to give you a real omega 3 hit. GF


Flaked tuna is mixed with spring onion mayo and is topped off with avocado. GF

Chicken Supreme

Mayo and katsu sauce is drizzled over teriyaki chicken to create this saucy number.


A vegetarian and vegan’s delight. The goodness of pickle, cucumber, avocado, red pepper and carrot are all rolled into one. GF


A real sushi connoisseurs dream. Nigiri slices of fresh salmon are placed on beds of rice. GF

Spring Onion Mayo

Love mayo? Then this is for you. Blobs of spring onion mayo are placed on teriyaki chicken.

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Our teriyaki chicken is spiced up with a little sweet chili sauce on top.

Double Avocado Chicken

Need that extra avocado hit? The avocado is doubled in this number to accompany our teriyaki chicken.

Brown Rice Teriyaki Chicken

Brown rice is health plus. One of it major benefits is that it is rich in fiber. It offers a great flavour alternative to white rice so go on give it a try.